Can A Parakeet Live With A Cockatiel

Everyone who owns both a cockatiel and a parakeet is always asked can a parakeet live with a cockatiel. Parakeets and Cockatiels are both beautiful birds and popular pets. Some people believe they can live together. However, others think they should live in separate cages. 

Thankfully, it’s true that a parakeet can live with a cockatiel. As well, It depends on the specific situation and the temperament of the birds. Parakeets and cockatiels are both in the genus of birds called parrots. They both need a lot of space to move around and climb, which makes them similar. 

Furthermore, fresh fruits and vegetables are a necessary part of their diets. They will get along well and can share a food bowl. Perhaps even play together. You should only have one male bird in a cage at a time, as they will compete for dominance.

In reality, you can keep parakeets and cockatiels in the same cage, but your birds will need close supervision. Throughout the blog, I will discuss can a Parakeet live with a cockatiel.

Can A Parakeet Live With A Cockatiel?

Generally, cockatiel owners can also take care of parakeets, but there are specific habits that distinguish the two species. To live with a cockatiel, you take special care of a parakeet.

Parakeets and cockatiels generally shouldn’t be in the same cage together. If properly supervised, however, they can live together.

They have a similar appearance. Both are small birds with long tail feathers, which gives them a very colorful appearance.

can you put a parakeet with a cockatiel

How To Introduce Two Bird Species To Each Other?

Cockatiels and Parakeets are two bird species and should introduce to each other. Just be careful and make sure they don’t get scared. 

A separate cage is necessary for new birds. Despite their size, parakeets can be very aggressive toward larger birds. 

Moreover, cockatiels are not aggressive, so you could end up with an injured bird. You will learn everything about how to introduce two bird species to each other in the following steps.

Quarantine The Newcomer

If you bring a new friend into your household, they must be quarantined for a period of time. We do this to ensure their safety, health, and happiness. New parakeets or cockatiels should remain in individual cages for the first four weeks. They need time to adjust and become familiar with their surroundings before being placed together in one cage.

You Need Enough Space

When you have more than two birds together, this step is especially important. Every bird should have a space of its own away from noise and bustle. They have to be able to fly all around the cage. That’s why you will need a big cage.

When you aren’t familiar with keeping birds as pets, an outdoor aviary is a better idea than keeping them in a cage. These animals require not only an abundance of space but also ample opportunities for exploration.

Establish The First Physical Contact

All initial unrestricted physical interaction must take place inside their cage. Whenever possible, introduce your Parakeet to your cockatiel in a neutral area, like a cage. 

Make changes to the cage before the two meet. By gaining their trust, you can prevent them from feeling threatened or aggressive, and you can keep them safe.

Build A Bond With Your Birds

Time for you to build a bond with your birds individually. You might have a hard time breaking up fights or managing aggressive behavior in either of them if they already know each other. 

You should spend some time with your bird before introducing them. Even if they ever get into a fight, you’ll be recognized as a trusted friend rather than an aggressive competitor.

Observe The Behavior Of Your Birds

can a cockatiel and parakeet live together

Parakeets and cockatiels are social birds but can also be quite independent. You should observe the behavior of your birds closely. They each have their own individual personalities. They will also get along better with some parakeets in their own species than others. 

I find this fact interesting, can you put a cockatiel and a parakeet together? Yes. You can keep them in one cage. Naturally, your bird’s past experiences will have an impact on its personality. Be aware of that. Also, temperaments can have an impact on overall harmony.

Respect Both Species’ Dietary Requirements

If you are looking to provide a diet, it is important to consider the different dietary requirements. Parakeets have different dietary requirements than cockatiels. You can determine which birds are stealing food from others by monitoring their eating habits in your cage with both species.

The question always arises, can you put a parakeet with a cockatiel? That would be a good idea. If they are sharing an area with food, you will need to pay close attention to how they interact with each other.

How To Take Care Of A Cockatiel And A Parakeet Together?

Do you know how to take care of a cockatiel and a parakeet together? It’s easy. You should notice which food he eats first (often sunflower seeds) when you feed him, and you should remove it from his food and use it only as a treat. 

Don’t pay attention to him when you are sitting near his cage. Keep your distance if he seems uncomfortable. It can take some time for trust to develop. They require toys to chew and explore. Parrots are intelligent and resourceful. 

When you talk to your bird, don’t stare at him. Speak in calm, quiet tones, don’t stare at the bird or expect anything from it, and cover your bird’s cage at night with a sheet. The birds have a very sweet disposition. We spend a lot of time together. 

Keep the sheet folded up and back on the cage during the day so that it covers about a third of the cage. I don’t think you can easily fold one back on around one when you have a square cage. But it will provide your bird with a safe and slightly concealed place to hide if he wants. Make sure your cage is a little higher as well, if you can.

Can A Cockatiel And A Parakeet Share The Same Food?

Cockatiels can eat parakeet food. In fact, Parakeets and cockatiels are often raised together since they are members of the same family. Both parakeets and cockatiels need seed-based diets, so it is safe for parakeets to eat cockatiels’ food. Additionally, they need different types of wood or twigs to chew on. 

Seeds, pellets, fruits, and vegetables are the most common foods for Cockatiels and Parakeet. 

Alternatively, These foods should be avoided by Parakeets, such as Avocado, Fats, Apple Pits & Seeds, Caffeine, Salt, Chocolate, Onions & Garlic, and Xylitol.

People often wonder: Can a cockatiel live with a parakeet? Of course, it can. Both birds live together, eat together same food, and grow up together happily.

In general, Parakeets should have no problems when they eat cockatiel food. This is because both birds belong to the parrot family, and they have very similar diets.


If you want to keep parakeets and cockatiels together, you will have to dedicate a lot of time and energy to making sure that they are able to coexist peacefully. Even birds of the same species can have a good relationship. Both types of birds are ideal for beginner bird owners, but there are still some basic things to remember about keeping them together.Finally, thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your feathered friends even more now that 

It’s always a good question to ask: can a parakeet live with a cockatiel in the same cage? Generally speaking, yes. Although it is possible for a parakeet and a cockatiel to coexist in the same cage, it is not always easy. These birds have different personalities and can easily become intimidated by each other.

you’ve read our helpful tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cockatiels and parakeets dwell comfortably within the same habitat?

Obviously, yes. Cockatiels can live well with other species of birds if they are introduced to each other at a young age, as cockatiels accept new kinds of birds relatively easily. As a result, they get along well with parakeets.

How do cockatiel and parakeet personalities differ?

Their personalities differ just as much as ours. Each bird is unique. There may be some similarities among them, but each bird is unique, and they all have amazing personalities.

The main difference is that Parakeets are high-energy and like to perch on fingers but don’t like to be touched. Cockatiels, on the other hand, are low-key and touchy-feely.

Do cockatiels or parakeets talk better?

Parakeets are not much louder than cockatiels, which are smaller and more modest in their communication. When it comes to talking ability, conures and macaws seem to lose out on these two types of pet birds, even though they are very loud. A single parakeet or cockatiel is just as fun as a pair. You should get a female cockatiel if you are sensitive to noise.

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