Birds Life Expectancy Can Cockatiel Survive In The Wild

The survival of cockatiels in the wild depends on the amplification of food, water and compatible temperament. Although the cockatiels can survive comparatively low and high temperatures in Antarctica, the freezing winter in the northern part is unbearable for their body and soul together.

So, can cockatiel survive in the wild? Cockatiels can stay in the wild. In wildlife, cockatiels motion for changing places in search of soft and fresh seeds, insects, fruits and vegetables to increase their survival skills and nutritional value. But the life expectancy of a wild cockatiel is comparatively low than that of a captive-bred cockatiel. Three significant obstacles can ( lacking accessible food and water, habitable destruction and attack of predators ) reduce the life expectancy of a wild cockatiel from twenty to ten years. Moreover, in non-native areas, cockatiels need to struggle to adapt and survive.

Here I state the limitations and convenience that modify cockatiels’ survival in the wild. So, let’s learn the wildlife-leading process of the cockatiel.

Can Cockatiel Survive In The Wild

can cockatiel survive in the wild

The origination of cockatiel lives in mainland Australia, South Australia, various parts of Victoria, new south wales, Queensland and several arid and semi-arid regions in the Northern Territory. They are curious and social birds and love to chat with the community through various pleasant sounds. See the below information to know can cockatiel survive in the wild:

The Tendency of Alternative Locations

The cockatiels prefer the whole of Australia, where plenty of food, water and open areas exist. The accessibility of food and water frequently changes due to the alternative seasons. The flocks, pairs, or groups of cockatiels move from one place to another due to seasonal changes. Only some cockatiels travel around searching for food and others change their location permanently.

Sustainable Temperature Range

The cockatiels have an overheat tolerance ability. During summer, the southern cities in Australia and inland Victoria become too hot, whereas the cockatiels still hold their existence usually. Although cockatiels can tolerate high and low temperatures, they might not survive when the temperature range reaches more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit and lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They need ideal temperatures for survival and life expectancy between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Food Efficiency

The wild cockatiel needs more food and energy than the pet cockatiel as they exercise more while flying to and fro to collect food. Living close to the Australian outback, the wild cockatiels get the opportunities to eat farmer’s crops and herbivores. They love eating fruits, vegetables, berries, plants, leafy seeds, roots and flowers. Their preferred wild diet is sorghum, abundant with minerals and calcium and provides unlimited energy. 

Water Accessibility

Cockatiels need a small quantity of water for drinking, like other parrots or birds. But adequate water is essential while the flock of cockatiels bathes to stay moist. Also, they need sufficient water to digest the food and maintain health. For this reason, they always try to live near the abundant water source.

Open Space With Few Trees

In wildlife, cockatiels love to spend leisure with their flock in a large open area. They feel suffocate in a heavy density of trees or woodlands as they fail to make out how to spend the day to night here because of their un-visible survey. During the breeding season, they find such a tree with many secure hollow parts. They make nests in the open parts of the tree and the female cockatiel lays eggs here.

What Are The Major Convenience Of Wild Survival

What Are The Major Convenience Of Wild Survival

In wildlife, cockatiels get the chance to be raised by parents or other species of the same type. It’s a significant advantage for any bird to grow up with its large flock seeking food and escaping from the enemy together. Wild cockatiels know correctly about the local predators and become alert about how to save themselves. They gathered experiences subconsciously of how predators create an alarm to the rest of the flock and how to watch for them.

The wild cockatiels also know what foods are available throughout the year and how to collect those exceptional varieties. They learn a lot instinctively about survival management from a very early age. Let’s reach more adventurous wildlife leading convenience of cockatiels:

Flying Liberty

The most pleasant sight of cockatiel activities is their speedy flying skill. They only get the actual taste of this astounding quality when they lead wildlife. The flock of cockatiels flies swiftly with the sweet sound admired as the whistling wind of the Australian outback. Cockatiels are most popular due to their pleasant, friendly nature and substantial community maintenance while moving around 100-1000 combined.

Eat Own Accord Food

Cockatiels search for food in dense grass and eat happily while finding seeds from grass. They also like to eat any type of digestive plants and greens. They prefer varieties of food as they are fast fliers and need unlimited energy. Food from harvest, wild vegetables, fruits, blossoms, roots, millet seeds and sunflower seeds make the wild cockatiels stronger and healthier than any other pet bird.

What Are The Restriction Of Wild Survival

What Are The Restriction Of Wild Survival

Though cockatiels can survive in the wild, the chances of their life expectancy are too poor due to so many cruel factors. Indeed, keeping them in captivity where the owners carefully sheltered them is humane.

Let us know the prime barriers that hinder cockatiel wildlife survival:

Food Deficiency

The availability of food changes randomly each season and the wild cockatiels face difficulty finding food. Food sources become limited due to seasonal changes that negatively impact their existence. For survival, they leave their native place and move to a new climate that may become unsuitable for their health. Even large-scale cockatiels lost their existence due to insufficient food sources.

Inadequate Water Supplement

Cockatiels always prefer a place near water accessibility as they need to drink and bathe. Since cockatiels are seed-eating birds, they need more drinking and more bathing. In summer, the arid and semi-arid areas turn into deserts, making it challenging for the wild cockatiels to find adequate water. Moreover, in cold regions, the water turned into ice which is also destructive for their survival.

Cruelty Of Enemies

Among the numerous barriers against cockatiels’ life expectancy, the most vicious impediment is the cruelty of Enemies. Their life is always in danger due to the attack of eagles, feral cats, predators, hawks and fearful enemies. Further, the farmers dispatch a large scale of cockatiels each year to rescue their crops. Therefore, can cockatiels survive in the wild? The solution may disregard.

However, to reduce the risk of cockatiel existence, many charity organizations create a safe and secure environment for cockatiels where they breed and get long-term life expectancy.

Can a pet cockatiel survive in the wild?

It is too inoffensive that a pet cockatiel would survive in natural life as it possesses a lifestyle in captivity and lacks the necessary skills to stay in the wild. Also, It has yet to experience collecting food and water and adjusting to the wildlife. Moreover, it may need to be more familiar with the local predator and other harmful prey dynamics or have the necessary immunity to local diseases. It is best to keep it as a pet and provide it with all the essential care and attention.

Can a cockatiel survive in Cold Weather?

Cockatiels are native to Australia and thrive in warm climates living with flocks chatting with each other and standing on a bare tree. Naturally, they are friendly temperature tolerance birds as they live in a warm-year-round climate area. They can tolerate the cooler temperature for a short time. Otherwise, they will die if the temperature exists below 65 Fahrenheit. 

What Essential Qualities Increase The Life Expectancy

What Essential Qualities Increase The Life Expectancy

The longevity of cockatiels in the wild is greatly interesting if they have a solid compatible nature. The longevity of cockatiels in the wild depends on the state and comfortable environment. If they adjust to the competitive circumstances and struggle during climate change, predators and inadequate water and food supplements, the chances of life expectancy might improve.

If they have the below capabilities, their life expectancy may increase:

  • Must have the necessary instincts to find food and shelter
  • Require a unique personality and stimulation to thrive in the wild.
  • Experience and curious cockatiels can lead to a happy and possible life expectancy in wilderness survival.
  • Need the capability how to get proper nutrition.
  • Pick out those trees during the breeding season, which has many security holes.


How long can a cockatiel survive in the wild?

Usually, the pet bird’s life expectancy is more than that of wild birds as the keepers ensure the most suitable privileges like a cozy nest and environment, nutritious food and proper treatment for their pet friends. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of food, predators and destitute climate, the life expectancy of wild cockatiel maximize only ten years.

Can a tame cockatiel survive in the wild?

A tame cockatiel is ordinarily unfamiliar with the wildlife-leading process. So, it doesn’t know how to collect food and adjust to the wild habitat. It also ignores how to hide if predators attack. So, a tame cockatiel can not survive in the wild.

Final Thought

Thus the above discussion vividly shows that cockatiel wildlife survival is relatively challenging. Moreover, during the breeding season, they face many critical situations. Heavy Storm, drought and other cruelty of nature make their wild survival vulnerable. So, keeping them captively is an excellent idea as they naturally look pretty, social, playful and good at interactive personalities. One can easily tame a cockatiel, make it an adorable companion and rescue it from the cruelty of wildlife.

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