Do Cockatiels Like Swings

Cockatiels are one of the most popular pets out there. While this bird is comparatively smaller than other pet birds, it is packed with energy. It is well known for its energetic, friendly and intelligent behavior and is popular among pet enthusiasts. Cockatiels enjoy engaging in activities as they are highly energetic and active. You will have to give them company or get them toys to keep them engaged.

The question is, Do cockatiels like swings? Cockatiels are clever and expressive about their preferences. Cockatiels might be picky if they don’t like their toys. If they like the toy, they will be happy and play with it a lot. However, it varies from bird to bird, as each cockatiel has an individual personality, but most of the cockatiels like swings.

Cockatiels require a lot of attention and care. Being energetic and active, this bird will crave attention and various activities. You will either have to give them company, get them a companion bird or buy them toys to keep them occupied. Getting a toy to keep your pet bird occupied is a great idea. There are a few options to choose from while getting a toy for your cockatiel, such as swings, boings, toys that your bird can chew or ride on, etc. You can try out these options but expert opinion says swing would be a great choice to start off.

Do Cockatiels Like Swings?

Swings are a great option as a toy for your cockatiel for many reasons, but first, you have to see how your pet bird reacts to them. Cockatiels have likes and dislikes of their own, which varies from bird to bird because each bird has a unique personality. Just because a cockatiel likes to play with swings doesn’t mean all of its kind will.

So the answer to the question ‘do cockatiels like swings?’ isn’t as easy as it seems. Your pet cockatiel might like the swings, but it also might not. The only way to know if your pet bird will like it is by buying one for your pet cockatiel and seeing how it reacts to its new toy. Swings don’t cost much, so you can give this a try. If it doesn’t like the swings, it will let you know. Don’t be afraid or shy to try out new things for your pet bird.

cockatiel swing

Now, the fact that you get a swing for your pet bird and let’s hope it likes the swing. You might ask why it likes swings so much. We will explain it here today. If you were wondering if it benefits your pet cockatiel in any way other than entertainment, it does. We will explain that here too.

Are swings good for cockatiels?

Cockatiels generally tend to like swings, although that doesn’t mean every bird of its kind will. But why? Well, here are some facts that you should know :

  • Reminding of Nature: Cockatiels tend to grow fond of swings because it is in their natural instinct. These are wild birds and they are used to flying in between trees and from branch to branch that moves in the wind. The swings move back and forth, reminding the cockatiels of tree branches swaying in the wind. In short, it is reminiscent and identical to the motion of tree branches swaying in the wind, which can be a reason for your cockatiel to like swings.
  • Fun to Play: It is just entertainment. Don’t overthink, and don’t make it complicated. You didn’t choose toys in your childhood based on facts. You chose to play with toys because they were fun. That’s the same with cockatiels when they like or play with a toy. Birds are capable of experiencing fun and excitement to a smaller extent than humans, so it is entertaining for a cockatiel to move back and forth on a swing.
  • Relaxing for Cockatiel: It can be relaxing for the cockatiel. Gentle swinging can be relaxing and help your bird sleep as well. It might work as a method of relaxation for your pet bird.

These are all just assumptions. There is no clear answer to why some cockatiels like swings and some don’t. While we can only assume why a cockatiel would like or hate swings, it is actually beneficial for your pet bird in various ways. We will explain that now.

Key Benefits of Getting Swings for cockatiel

The cockatiels use the swing to move back and forth using a little force. Does that ring any bell? Yes, your pet bird uses some energy to make the swing sway. That’s exercise. Exercise is essential for your pet bird to stay healthy and in shape. It may sound funny or unnatural but yes, it is essential. Swings will help to work the muscles in your pet bird’s feet and legs. That is beneficial.

The swing sways back and forth. To stay on the swing, your pet bird must have proper balance. The swing helps to build and improve your pet cockatiel’s balance. Cockatiels tend to relax and even fall asleep on one leg. Without proper balance, they might fall off while asleep. So a swing can be beneficial to build up a balance in your pet bird.

Also, check out this diet plan for your cockatiel’s health.

cockatiel swing

Last but not least, let’s not forget it’s a toy. Your pet cockatiel can get lonely, depressed and even show behavioral issues if not given proper attention and time. If it doesn’t have a companion, you will be required to spend much time with your cockatiel, which won’t always be possible. A toy will save up a lot of your time. Your bird will be busy with the toy and activities. It will ensure proper mental health for your bird and you won’t have to spend all day with it.

You may wonder if a swing is safe for your pet bird or whether you should actually get a swing. I can assure you it is completely safe for your pet bird to play with a swing.

So, whether a cockatiel will like swings or not completely depends on the bird individually. But it is undoubtedly beneficial for the bird and for you as well. Try buying a swing for your pet bird today. If it likes the swing, bingo! If not, try out some other toys your pet bird may like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cockatiels Like Toys?

They do. Cockatiels are fun-loving and highly energetic birds that tend to engage in activities. Toys can be a great way of putting your bird through various activities. Get a swing, boing or balls for your pet bird. It will play with these toys and these activities will help your bird to pass the time and stay entertained. As cockatiels need constant company, they can grow lonely without it. Toys are a great way of keeping your bird occupied and from getting lonely. Toys can be used for various activities and being energetic birds. Cockatiels love to play with toys.

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