The Principles On How To Breed Cockatiels

Cockatiels are easy to breed as they possess some superior qualities and are emotionally sensitive in choosing a suitable mate during the breeding season. Naturally, healthy cockatiels seize maturity quickly, which helps them obtain breeding capability within a year.

To learn how to breed cockatiels, keep in contact with several adorable supplements. Indeed, purchasing experienced breeders, Providing them with a friendly environment, the proper diet, water, good hygiene, and extended patience can help the cockatiel’s breeding process. However, among the two major breeding systems, the first one is the battery type of breeding that is appropriate for apartment living. The second is community breeding, where many breeders breed in an aviary in separate accommodations. Of course, both systems require the same accessories.

Here I reveal the principles of maintaining a breeding schedule and the additional ways of breeding-related activities. So, let’s learn about the cockatiel’s breeding procedure in captivity through this poignant writing. 

How To Breed Cockatiels

Breeding is a common thing for all birds in wildly. But there exist many complications for breeding pet birds in captivity. Only a knowledgeable birdkeeper can undertake the breeding of cockatiels and their newly born baby chicks. In this respect, follow the below guide and learn what involves behind it: 

Perceive The Decent Breeding Pair

Select male and female cockatiels who are smart enough to maintain essential qualities and in good health.  Don’t choose breeders from the same parents to avoid the risk of genetic disabilities. Identify the breeders are not related and must have compatible behaviors. 

Consider The Right Age

Generally, cockatiels are ready for breeding in a year. But considering the various health issues and getting maturity in caring for the baby birds, the exact age of a breeding pair should be 18 months for males and 24 months for female birds.  Of course, the mature couple regards as good parents. 

Evaluate The Weight

How To Breed Cockatiels

Measuring the perfect weight significantly ensures good health for the parent’s cockatiels and chicks. Both overweight and underweight create many health issues and produce unwanted baby birds. The fat causes infertility in the breeders, which damages the eggs and chicks.


To identify the average weight, check the following way:

  • Feel the bird’s breastbone closely. Feeling no signs from here proves the overweight.
  • See nearly the keel bone. Acute keel bone with little flesh on each side shows the underweight.
  • The bone is pleasantly rounded with good flesh. Both edges with sufficient flesh confirm the average weight. 

Initiate a Breeding Nature

The breeding cockatiels need a wind-free accommodation. In winter, they need proper heat. The shelter area must have congenial for the breeders. Design the breeding cage properly with suitable door front so that the breeders get the privacy their wish. Train them to take me as their well-wisher, allowing me for the cleaning purpose.

Give them a large and bare cage where they spread their wings. Preventing germs and disinfection of the cells, feeders, perches, and drinkers is a crying need during the breeding season.

Breed Cockatiels

Inspire Breeding Practice

Mature cockatiels will naturally start breeding behavior when they get a friendly environment. Maintaining a feeding system that includes unlimited food balance in the mixture of seeds increases physical development. Also, the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables provides calcium supplements. Make sure to expand the amount of light and gradually increase the length of daylight to simulate springtime conditions.

Observe breeding behavior

Keep an eye while mating behavior, such as the male whistling charmingly to get attention from the female, feeding the female, and listening to the female’s chirping or chattering. Continuing these activities and passing two weeks, the female will lay eggs in the nesting box. Usually, lays one egg every other day until she lays five to seven eggs.

Look After The Eggs And Chicks

Breed Cockatiels Eggs And Chicks

After laying the eggs, a hatchling will take about 18-21 days. The newly born chicks will be naked and helpless. For rapid growth within the first week, they will need to be fed by the parents every 2-3 hours.

If the parents fail to provide mouth feeding, I must hand-feed them an early nutrient diet. Make sure to supply a good source of warmth, such as a heat lamp, and keep the nesting box clean and germ-free.

Separate The Chicks

If the chicks get proper nutrition and healthy surroundings, they will grow feathers and become more adventurous within 3-4 weeks.  During this time, providing an appropriate diet of supplements that mix millet, seeds, and pellets ensures fast growth development. 

Living 8-12 weeks with parents separate the chicks from the parents when they are weaned to prevent the parents from breeding again too soon and make the right feeding system. I have shortly discussed here how to breed cockatiel. Keep reading to get the more authentic information.

What Are The Principles of the Breeding Procedure

Let’s introduce different breeding instruments and activities for the cockatiels during breeding season:

Breeding Aviary or Cage

Creating a parasite-free surrounding, the breeding cage must have proper space with a middle partition that secures the two special accommodations for the male and female. Breeding cockatiels need a cell at least 24 inches wide and 24 inches tall.

Provide a nesting box or a platform with nesting material, such as wood shavings or shredded paper. Make sure the cage has plenty of toys and perches. Of course, supervise on providing multivitamins and other supplements like moringa as a  prominent food for breeders and freshwater for each platform.

Breeding Box

Make a comfortable and pleasant breeding box and put it precisely in the cage. A well-shaping breeding box encourages the female cockatiel to lay eggs.

Necessity of Incubator

 If possible, use an incubator for hatchlings. It’s the best way for hatchlings’ eggs as it carries so many eggs at a time by ensuring accurate temperature. The incubator is urgent for those bird keepers who breed unlimited pairs of cockatiels at a time and need hatchling a lot of eggs. On the other hand, when the mother bird is sensitive enough to keep the clutch, arranging an incubator is unnecessary.


The contribution of the brooder is behind the question while growing the immediate baby birds healthy. Produce the bouncing chicks and adjacent them to the natural heat. The brooder provides sufficient temperature. 

Digital Hygrometer and Thermometers

Providing medium air means the supplement level of air is not too dry or too wet. To maintain the accuracy of soaking, I need to put aside the hygrometer. Also, the thermometer measures the right temperament for progressive fertile eggs.

Adequate Lighting

Parents’ cockatiels need sufficient lighting to keep fit as they have already provided a lot of support to the baby birds, and the entire breeding season has broken their health. Now they become tired and weak; this proper lighting and unlimited diet help them retain healthily.

Breed Cockatiels Adequate Lighting


How Old Do Cockatiels Have To Be To Breed?

Cockatiels are intelligent, curious, and social birds in the wild and captivity. These extraordinary qualities help them to reach sexual maturity at around 8-12 months old. But from my experience,  it takes at least two years to get the breeding capability both emotionally and physically that evolved enough to meet the challenges of breeding and caring for baby birds.

Ensuring the birds are in good health and providing a suitable environment is also essential. Again, the proper diet includes multivitamins and other supplements, as I should arrange sufficient food like wheat germ. Of course, make a schedule for feeding before attempting to breed them.

What Do You Put In a Cockatiel Breeding Box?

Wooden cockatiel breeding boxes should be just about 6 inches by 5 inches by 8 inches and have a hole 2-3 inches in diameter. Usually, the wooden box or other natural materials box can appropriate and suitable hinge lid for easy access. I must place a layer of wood shavings or other bedding material for the cockatiels to nest inside the breeding box.

Moreover, add soft materials, such as feathers or grass, for the cockatiels to use as nesting material. Remember while choosing the breeding box that it is clean and free of toxic materials. Then, introduce the cockatiels to it.  Keep an eye on observing the breeding box regularly to secure the cockatiels are healthy and the box is functioning correctly.

Breeding Season Of Cockatiel

Naturally, summer and winter are two significant seasons when mature cockatiels get inspiration for breeding. That confirms the first breeding season from September to February in the Southern Hemisphere open. Also, In the Northern Hemisphere, the second breeding season is from March to August.

In a few cases, cockatiels are bred in captivity throughout the year, particularly when they get the appropriate nesting materials, diet, and lighting conditions. Providing proper care to the breeding pairs is essential to ensure a successful breeding period and healthy offspring.

How To Make Cockatiel Breed

Cockatiels include other species involved in breeding naturally during the breeding season. But for the captive cockatiels, the owner must create a clean and friendly shelter for breeding. Keep going on the tips on how to breed cockatiel during breeding pet cockatiel in a respective nest box.

While approaching to make cockatiel breed follow the below information.

  • Find out a compatible, healthy pair.
  • Provide a large nesting box where the cockatiels move around and enter without facing any difficulties.
  • Cockatiels like privacy during the breeding period. So, put the nesting box in a calm, quiet place where the breeders feel peace.
  • Provide a good balance diet that includes seed mix, soft foods like cooked rice, greens, pasta, moist wheat bread, cooked beans, sprouted seeds, and cuttlebone for mineral and calcium blocks.
  • Make sure the breeding procedure is going sequential and smoothly.

Cockatiel Breeding Food

Cockatiels need sufficient and unlimited nutritious diets during the breeding season. From my experience, I have made the below schedule and achieved the desired aim after launching the experiment. Let’s s consider the breeding foods for cockatiels:

Balance Mixture Seeds

A good quality seed mix is the main staple of the breeding cockatiel’s diet. Make a healthy dry mix that contains a variety of seeds, such as millet, canary seed, and sunflower seeds.

Dry Fruits And Vegetables

The supply of various fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli, peas, and sweet potatoes reduces the lack of different health issues. It increases the fertility of the breeding pair. To supplement their diet. Also, cockatiels’ favorite dish is dry fruits. 

Calcium Supplements

During the breeding season, female cockatiels require additional calcium to lay eggs. Cuttlebone and moringa are the best sources of calcium-rich foods. 

Pellets And Grit

Adding pellets to the breeder’s diet provides essential minerals and vitamins. Also, adding the sterilized fluffy grit increases bone density.

Cockatiel Breeding Behavior

What To Do If Your Cockatiel Lays An Egg

During mating, the male cockatiel bobs his head and whistles sweetly by hopping around the female. Grooming each other is a prominent sign of mating. Passing two weeks after starting the mating, the female cockatiel lays about 2 to 8 eggs.

Ensure privacy when a female sits on eggs. After three weeks later the eggs start hatchling and born the featherless chicken. During this time, the breeder needs a decent amount of light. Observe with concern for 12 hours each day if they get natural or artificial light. 

Will Cockatiels Breed In a Cage

Breeding cockatiels in a cage is possible by maintaining several things like types of cockatiel, gender identification,  finding healthy pairs, accurate feeding schedule, hygienic shelter, well design cage and nesting, proper incubation, caring for the chicks, decreasing the next breeding activity and other services when the breeders arise.

Get the assurance that preparing a healthy pair depends on the accuracy of diet and a friendly environment. The pet cockatiels reach breeding age within 8 to 12 months by getting good advantages.


How Many Times Cockatiels Breed In a Year?

Cockatiels can breed two to three times a year during the spring and summer. But fostering more than twice a year can lead to health problems for pet cockatiels. 

How Often Do Cockatiels Breed?

Cockatiels can breed any time of the year, but they are usually most active during the spring and summer seasons.

Final Thought

Cockatiels are the most famous breeders and affectionate parents. They possess the ability to mouth feeding the babies for a minimum of 9 to 10 weeks. So, It’s an easy and inspiring task to breed cockatiels by perceiving breeding-related activities

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