how to make your cockatiel sing

Cockatiels are well-known pets that are very intelligent, gentle-tempered, friendly and amusing. Cockatiels have some skills and they can pick up tricks too. All in all, having a cockatiel for amusement won’t be a disappointing choice for you to make. Cockatiels are very intelligent, so they can pick up tricks if trained, they can mimic sounds and whistles, and even talk if taught. Cockatiels are mainly popular because of their mimicking and singing ability. Here we will discuss further how to make your cockatiel sing. 

Birds are vocal creatures. They use whistles, chirps and singing as a method of communication. Not all birds have singing abilities, nor can they mimic. Cockatiel is a bird that can sing and mimic various sounds too. They use this ability to communicate with their kind and they also use it to express emotions like happiness or anger or fear. Cockatiels are natural singer birds and they can talk or mimic something specific on their own.

So, how to make your cockatiel sing? The answer is simple, ‘repetition.’ Cockatiels can pick up words and mimic those words. They can even sing and talk using a few words. The only way to make a cockatiel sing is to keep repeating the song or phrase to the bird. Hearing it every day a few times on repeat will be useful to get your cockatiel to mimic it and sing the song. Repetition is the best way to get your cockatiel to sing. 

How To Make Your Cockatiel Sing

Cockatiels are naturally gifted to sing and mimic sounds. If taught, they can even talk. Cockatiels have a large vocabulary of whistles, chirping and squawks. They hear a sound and mimic it perfectly. They can naturally absorb what they are hearing and bring out the perfect mimicry. But how to make a cockatiel sing? If you are wondering how to train a cockatiel to sing, you have come to the right place.

how to get a cockatiel to sing
Cockatiels move like this while singing or mimicking

To train your cockatiel to sing, you must learn about this fascinating little bird’s abilities. There are differences between male and female cockatiel’s abilities to sing and mimic. Let’s just say male cockatiels are more vocal and active than female cockatiels. Male cockatiels tend to sing and use their vocal abilities to mimic more than females. The females are less vocal and don’t speak much. That does not mean you cannot teach a female cockatiel to sing or mimic. It will just take longer than it would take to train a male cockatiel. So there is no need to be sad if you own a female cockatiel.

Keeping that in mind, let’s talk about how to make your cockatiel sing. It does not take a professional trainer to teach a pet cockatiel to sing. In fact, the steps to train your cockatiel to sing are pretty simple. I will try to highlight the steps one by one and explain them here.

Step 1: Introduce The Tune/Sound To Your Cockatiel 

The first step to get your cockatiel to sing is to introduce it to the tune or sound of that song. To do so, get close to the cage or have the bird on your finger and gently whistle the tune of that song to it. You need to repeat this process several times a day for a few minutes. Keep doing this for a few weeks. This way, your pet friend will get familiar with the tune and hopefully, it’ll pick it up.

Step 2: Play A Song 

how to make a cockatiel sing

As you are following the first step, similar to that, play a song every day to your cockatiel. First, try out songs with simple tunes. This is because it will be easier for your cockatiel to pick up a simple song. Don’t try out complicated songs or tunes at the beginning because it only confuses the bird and it is not easy to pick up.

Use a speaker to play the song every day on a loop for a few times and use fading effects at the beginning and at the end so your cockatiel can understand where the tune begins and ends. This will help it to pick it up quickly.

Step 3: Make A Conversation 

Sometimes it takes longer than usual for a cockatiel to mimic a sound. Don’t lose hope. It doesn’t mean your bird does not have vocal abilities. It is just having a hard time producing sounds. Try making a conversation with them. Talking to your bird will make it less shy and also motivate it to produce sounds. Talking will improve your bird’s mimicking abilities. Soon as your bird starts mimicking words from the conversation, it will learn to adapt to the music and mimic singing too. This is also an effective step.

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Step 4: Use Words/Phrases In Context

How about a talking cockatiel? Pretty impressive, right? Simple phrases like ‘hello!’ from your cockatiel when you get back home or hearing ‘goodbye’ when you leave home is pretty exciting, isn’t it? To teach your cockatiel to say hello or goodbye and simple phrases like these, try saying ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ to your cockatiel every day when you get back home or go out. Using these phrases in context will help it not only mimic the word but also understand the context and use them properly. Randomly saying hello or goodbye won’t be helpful because your bird will only mimic the word but it won’t understand the context. 

Step 5: Give Rewards

Cockatiels are very intelligent birds. They learn and adapt very quickly. Every time your cockatiel successfully mimics a word or tune, reward a treat to your favorite bird. Give it the treat to make it happy and boost the confidence in your bird. This will help in the learning process and your bird will be motivated. 

Step 6: Praise Them

Cockatiels are intelligent and they understand you too. Whenever your bird successfully speaks a word or sings, praise them. They will understand it. Praising will motivate them and give them a confidence boost. This way, your bird will keep on putting in effort and it won’t stop trying. Also, this will create a better bond and attachment between you and your pet bird. 

Step 7: Getting Rid Of Distractions 

To teach your bird to sing and mimic, you must get your bird’s full attention. To do that, get rid of the toys and food inside the cage. It is better if you train your bird elsewhere, but if you want to train your bird while keeping it inside the cage, it is best to get rid of food and toys during that time. Food and toys will distract your bird and your bird won’t be paying attention to the training anymore. To avoid this situation, remove the toys and food from the cage. 

Remember that it is easier to teach male cockatiels to sing than female birds due to their nature. Male birds tend to sing and strut to express courtship behavior and to get attention, so it is natural for them. Getting a female bird to sing is time-consuming and harder than teaching a male bird.

Also, not all cockatiel’s singing abilities are the same. So don’t lose hope if your bird cannot pick up a tune or word. Keep trying. It will eventually learn. Do not put too much pressure on your bird because cockatiels, much like humans, have individual ways of learning a thing and their learning periods are different from one another. So just be patient with your bird and inspire it every day and encourage it. The results will come in sooner or later.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a cockatiel sing? 

Yes, cockatiels are known for their singing and talking ability. In fact, this ability is what makes them so popular. However, not all cockatiels are born singers. To make them sing, you have to train them first. If taught properly, cockatiels can sing or whistle a tune and even make small conversations in context. The main secret is to train them properly to get a cockatiel to sing.

Why is not my cockatiel singing?

If you are training your cockatiel to sing and it is not picking the tune-up, you have to be patient. Not all cockatiels learn to sing overnight. Cockatiels have individual learning periods. It may take longer than usual for some birds to learn to sing. However, if your cockatiel is not making any sound and is silent, then there may be some issues. If your cockatiel is sick or the cause of trauma or infection may cause your cockatiel to seize singing and making sound. If that is the case, then seek help from a veteran. 

Can cockatiels learn more than one song?

Yes, cockatiels can learn to sing a few songs. Cockatiels have the ability to mimic and sing. They can mimic anything as long as it is simple and not too complicated. If the songs are simple and the tunes are easy to pick up, a cockatiel can learn multiple songs. 

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