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Cockatiel, also known as ‘quarrion,’ belongs to the ‘cockatoo’ family and is widely popular as a pet bird. As a species, it has its varieties and diversities. The most exciting diversity of the cockatiel is its color mutations. Although the standard cockatiel color is grey/ light grey with a yellow face and colorful cheeks, there are many color variations.

Most of these variations are encouraged by bird breeders or enthusiasts to bring out these unique colored cockatiels, which made them famous as a pet in the pet bird community. Yellow cheek cockatiel (widely known as Lutino cockatiel) is one of the most famous colored variations of its species. Because of its stunning look, it is quite popular among bird breeders and bird enthusiasts.

What Is A Yellow Cheek Or Lutino Cockatiel?

This variation of a cockatiel is not found in the wild. Yellow cheeked cockatiel was developed by bird breeders and can only be found to bird breeders, not in the wild. Lutino cockatiel or yellow cheek cockatiel is a special kind of cockatiel having yellow feathers all over its body and an orange cheek patch. This stunning look made it so famous among its kind and is appreciated all over the world. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about this yellow-cheeked little bird.

Lutino Cockatiel

Sex-linked yellow cheek cockatiel is a variant of cockatiel having a different color and mark pattern than its usual, which is encouraged by bird breeders by breeding in between two cockatiels of different colors. This mutation is actually the second type of mutation done by breeders, the first one being pied cockatiels. We will try to discuss Lutino’s physical appearance and characteristics, behavior and personality and a few other things here. So let’s start with the physical appearance first, which makes it stand out from its species.

Physical Appearance & Characteristics Of Yellow Cheek Cockatiel

yellow cheeked cockatiel

The Lutino cockatiel stands out as one of the most unique and beautiful colored variants. The physical appearance makes it look attractive and draws the attention of bird enthusiasts worldwide. This little bird has a length of 12 inches that includes its long tail feathers. This bird weighs almost 75-125 grams and is very light, which makes them perfect as a pet bird. They have an average wingspan of 35cm while stretched.

The Lutino cockatiel is widely popular for its colorful feathers. This little bird is covered with bright yellow or off-white feathers all over its body. This gives it a unique look. With that being said, this bird has a bright orange cheek and red eyes that makes this bird look stunning. These features are what made the lutino cockatiel one of the unique variations of its kind and this is why it is rare and not found in the wild.

Another unique physical feature that the lutino has is its high head crest. This head crest is erected when they are stimulated, angry, excited or defensive.

Identifying Yellow Cheek Or Lutino Cockatiel Male Or Female

You can simply identify the gender of a lutino cockatiel by observing its activity but if you are not sure in some cases, here are some ways to identify your lutino cockatiel/ yellow cheek cockatiel gender:

  1. Male lutinos will tend to sing, while females will be much quieter.
  2. Females have bright yellow spots under their flight feathers, while males don’t.
  3. Male lutino usually lift their wings while they try to sing, while females only scream.
  4. Males will try to mate with other cockatiels or with other objects.
  5. Male lutino cockatiels are typically curious, while female lutino cockatiels are shy.
  6. DNA testing is the most certain way to know a cockatiel’s gender.

Behavioral Characteristics And Personality Yellow Cheeked Cockatiel

Lutino or yellow-cheeked cockatiel is packed with lots of energy. Similar to its kind, it is very friendly, highly social, intelligent and active. These features made it a great companion and made increased demand for it as a pet bird.

lutino cockatiel male or female

Although this variant of a cockatiel is very friendly and active like its kind, they can grow lonesome and sad if left for a long time without a companion. As they are very energetic, you will need to keep toys or engage in activities with the bird to keep it occupied and happy.

Lutino cockatiels are quieter than their other variants. They make great family pets as they don’t get attached to only one person. They will be friendly with any member of your family if given enough attention and care.

With a bird as a friend, they won’t require quite so much care from you. But if there is no companion bird, you will need to engage in activities with it to keep it busy.

Cockatiels are easy to breed and this color variant is not so different as well. So, if you can get a male and a female adult lutino cockatiel, you can expect them to breed and get more baby lutinos as an addition to your pet bird family!

Just like any average cockatiel, lutino cockatiels are great companions and have similar behavior like any other average grey cockatiel. The males are talkative and vocal. The females are shy and non-aggressive. These birds can mimic sounds and talk or sing if taught properly. They can also be taught to do tricks such as whistling, dancing and many more.

Now that we have discussed the physical appearance and behaviors of a lutino cockatiel let’s discuss the care of this pretty little bird.

Care For Lutino Cockatiels

You need a cage to keep your pet Lutino safe from harm and also prevent it from flying away. To ensure it doesn’t suffocate the bird, the cage size is a vital fact to keep in mind. A smaller cage will make the bird nervous and depressed, which will cause behavioral issues.

These birds are 12 to 13 inches long with a 35 cm wingspan. To ensure it gets enough space, you should get a 24″ ×24″ ×24″ or larger cage.

Unless you have a companion bird, you will need toys to keep your bird occupied and happy. If there is no activity, your pet bird will get depressed. Cockatiels are stimulated by bright, shiny and colorful objects. You can get toys for your bird that are shiny and colorful.

If you can get a companion for your bird, that will be fun too. Lutinos also pair very well with other species of birds too. Getting a companion is a great way to keep your bird occupied and happy.

Like every other cockatiel, the lutinos diet is pellets, seeds and fruits. You can also try raw liver, egg or boiled rice as treats. A healthy and proper diet will keep your bird healthy and happy. So make sure your bird gets a proper diet.

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How Much Does A Yellow Cheek Or Lutino Cockatiel Cost?

Lutino cockatiel or yellow-cheeked cockatiel is a widely popular color variant of the cockatiel bird family due to its stunning colors and red eyes. This bird has an average lifespan of 15-25 years and makes a great companion as a pet.

If you are thinking of getting a lutino instead of a grey cockatiel, well, you can and you should! But, as this variant of a cockatiel is not as available as the other of its kind, this bird is a bit more expensive than an average grey cockatiel would cost you. A lutino cockatiel will cost between $150 to $250 approximately.

Read our article How Much Do Cockatiels Cost for a full understanding of costing of a cockatiel.

Whether lutino or an average grey cockatiel, cockatiels are a great choice as pet birds. Make sure you take good care of your pet and create a bond with it. This will keep them happy and ensure a healthy life.

Some Other Cockatiel Mutations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lutino Cockatiels Rare?

Yes, they are. Lutino is just a color variant, which is actually a cockatiel having yellow and off-white feathers over its body. It also has red eyes. Their stunning behavior makes it look very attractive. Although cockatiels are widely available, this color variant is not that easy to get because lutinos are not available in the wild. In fact, lutino color variant cockatiels or yellow cheek cockatiels were created by bird breeders by breeding cockatiels of different colors to bring out this stunning look.

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