Why Does My Cockatiel Bite Me All I Need To Know

A cockatiel possesses a distinctive personality and has a lot of moods like humans.  If I continuously force my cockatiel to take food, play, spend time or touch whenever it is not in a mood, it may bite me out of anger. Indeed, deficiency of bonding with the owner, aggression, scaring, disturbance feeling, nausea and sleep are the root cause of cockatiel biting.

Figure out why does my cockatiel bite me? Approaching the bird with a lack of confidence by shaking hands and scaredness may be the cause of biting. The cockatiel defends itself by biting while presenting the hands as punishment. Showing aggression by flicking the fingers worsens the situation. Further, It tries to grab my attention through body language. While ignoring its signals, the bird may depress and bite in the future. Again, lack of rest and food supply, surprising, territorial, dirty surroundings, and other pet animals will be the reason for biting. So, the cockatiel is intelligent and sensitive and possesses several astounding ways to reveal its emotions and needs, and sometimes, these greetings turn into a bite. 

However, since biting is the reaction to mistreatment, building harmonious relationships, trust, and mutual bonding with the cockatiel keeps it happy and decent. Now I will share my experiences about the reasons for cockatiel biting additionally, the consequences of biting effects, and how to stop cockatiel biting. 

Why Does My Cockatiel Bite Me

Firstly, find out the actual reason for biting. The cockatiel is a social bird who loves to live with a large flock in wilderness survival. So, positively communicating with the bird and taming it to become social in capture life will prevent the bird from biting. When the cockatiel bites out of anger, avoid offering treats or toys to reduce its anger.

Offering treats during distraction encourages biting more ferociously as the cockatiel considers this manner as a reward for its deeds.

Again it may bite out of jealousy or fear. If it bites out of fear, stay calm. If I remove the hand from the cage or it reaches quickly, it may take it as entertainment of the reaction and grant the biting as an exciting game. Here I explain the several reasons for cockatiel biting:

Inappropriate Feeding Schedule

The cockatiel may bite due to dissatisfaction with its diet and certainly bite the owner due to malnutrition.  Adding varieties of food to its diet and feeding it simultaneously each day provides sufficient energy that makes the bird happy. Otherwise, it will get bored eating the same food for a long time. So, prepare the cockatiel’s diet with various sprouts, veggies, fruits and grains.

Inadequate Sleep And Rest

The cockatiel will be stressed if I fail to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Maintaining a sleeping schedule allow the bird to get refreshed. So, observe the time it takes a rest and consciously give it the space to create a congenial environment for rest. Otherwise, it might be depressing and increase the biting habit. Usually, a bird needs eternal rest to stay healthy and happy.

Playful nature

Cockatiel uses its beak for breaking nuts, climbing, chewing, playing and other activities. It can take the hands and fingers as a part of the game. 


Punishment will increase the cockatiel’s sense of anxiety and it defences itself through biting. Punishment can destroy the trust by diminishing the bond with me. If I want to eliminate biting, I should not punish the bird. 


Scaredness is the most common reason for biting. If the cockatiel faces unexpected movements, predators like cats, dogs, unfamiliar people, or new environments, It will get frightened and do some abnormal behavior like biting.

Territorial Behavior

Generally, cockatiels are territorial in their cage or around their favorite companion. To perceive territorial power, they may practice their instinct-biting habit. It is protective of its space. It may bite if I enter the hands inside its cage or personal space.

Maternal Behavior

If the female cockatiel lays eggs or perceives chicks, it becomes anxious to protect them from the potential threat. So, it uses the beak to threaten strange things and persons.


If a cockatiel is bored, confined in a small cage, or unable to perform its natural behaviors, it may bite out of frustration.


Sickness might cause a cockatiel to become moody and more prone to biting. Notice the feather friends’ health condition and ensure regular vet checks.


The owners do many things for their beloved colorful cockatiel without knowing the reaction that makes the bird angry. Depression, stress and anger lead the bird to lose trust and may bite the persons near its cage.

Courtship Behavior

During the breeding season, the male cockatiel shows aggressiveness and bites other males and persons. Mating hormones might trigger anger and develop bite habits.

Lack Of Socialization And Handling

Improper handling and lack of socialization make the cockatiel crazy and aggressive as it doesn’t learn the appropriate behavior that leads the bird to bite without any reason.

Feeling Bondage

The adult cockatiel wants to establish independence. It may bite the owner or other persons near it to achieve free life.

However, learned the definite reason why does my cockatiel bite me? Finding out about biting behavior and treating the cockatiel in the most relevant ways is necessary to discourage biting. Of course, go with unlimited patience for making the feathered friend social and decent.

Do Cockatiel Bites Hurt

A cockatiel’s bite may irritate. But the extent of pain depends on the cockatiel’s size and the intensity of the bite. Baby cockatiels may give gentle nips that are more pleasant than painful. But larger cockatiels have powerful beaks capable of causing significant pain and risk breaking the skin. It’s also crucial to clean any biting-inflicted wounds to prevent infection.

Cockatiel bites may differ from a light pinch to a severe wound. The mature cockatiel has strong beaks designed to crack hard nuts and seeds and attack enemies that can inflict significant damage if it bites angrily.

How To Stop My Cockatiel From Biting

How To Stop My Cockatiel From Biting

It is frustrating and painful if pet bird bites while passing leisurely with it. The bird lover comes closer to the feathered friend as the individual wants a good time to reduce the daily bustle of tiredness and boredom. But It is irritating and unpleasant when the cherished cockatiel behaves abnormally, like biting.

Now I’m going to share my experiences about how to stop my cockatiel from biting:

  • The cockatiel is an intelligent bird and loves to stay clean. For this reason, it may preen and clean the feathers while getting slightly dirtier. It becomes angry while staying dirty cage for a long. To prevent various health issues, replace the liner of the bird cage every day and clean the cage to make the bird happy.
  •  The cockatiel is fond of showering. Regular bathing keeps the bird healthy and happy. So, ensure bathing space through a water dish filled with clean water. Of course, change the water after completing each day’s shower.
  • Encourage the cockatiel to engage the surrounding zones and help communicate with other people, things and animals in the house. Socialization is the best way to handle the bird as it helps it feel comfortable with human interaction.
  • When the cockatiel behaves gently and communicates with the surrounding areas in a friendly way, I should ensure treats, praise, or extra attention as a reward for the exclusive deeds.  Be conscious of avoiding rewards for bad behavior like biting.
  • The cockatiel usually expresses its moods and needs with its body language. So, I need to secure the appropriate Interaction with it by knowing its demand. Learn the bird’s body language to avoid biting.
  • Proper stability and interaction in handling the cockatiel can help it understand what I  expect. Keeping consistency in controlling the bird reduces biting and makes it more social.
  • Develop the practice of how to get together throughout the house, even outside the cage. Encourage the cockatiel for daily exercise and exploration. Once the cockatiel accepts the companion and gets inspiration to staying the bedroom, drawing room and the entire house, it will never try to bite anyone.
  • Various toys, puzzles, treats and regular interaction can help prevent boredom. If the cockatiel gets mental stimulation, it will ignore the biting habit.
  • The cockatiel never like being surprised. So, don’t suddenly try to reach into the bird’s cage as a surprise. Also, avoid disturbing it while eating or sleeping. The sudden appearance is a threat to the bird and it prompts the cockatiel to bite.
  • Enrich the diet schedule with various nutritious food so that the cockatiel get proper energy to keep healthy. Of course, the birds need to eat a balanced diet to prevent irritability. The nutritional deficiency makes the bird weak and increases bite habit.
  • Avoid shouting or punishing the cockatiel for biting. Taming the bird in the right way ensures happy survival for it.

So, improve those essential services to discourage the cockatiel from biting. To make it feel secure, give it the residential against a solid wall where it can see everything and identify the curse and congenial throughout the surrounding zone. Also, cover some parts of the cage with some playful toys so that the cockatiel can hide if it feels any uncertainty.


Therefore, unfamiliarity with the cockatiel while contacting it make the bird angry. So, develop bonding with the bird by ensuring sufficient facilities and taming it properly to prevent the biting habit. Severe and continuous biting can destroy the relationship between the cockatiel and its owner. So, teach the cherished bird to become social and gentle for spending the happy moment.


Are cockatiel bites dangerous?

The bite of a cockatiel is not dangerous If it will not applying much pressure. But biting from anger can be dangerous. The adult cockatiel has more powerful beaks and can cause serious harm, including deep cuts, bruising, or even broken bones in several cases.

Cockatiel bite infection?

The cockatiel’s beak can carry bacteria though it is rare for a captured bird. A severe bite that wounds the skin can cause infection. It’s urgent to clean the wound area with warm water and soap immediately. Then apply an antiseptic and cover it with a clean bandage. But the warrior should take medical treatment If the bite is severe, profound, red, swollen, or increasingly painful.

What is a bad cockatiel behavior?

If a cockatiel doesn’t get attention from the owner, it will behave rudely out of aggression. It may show its aggressiveness through hissing, screaming and biting. It may be busy plucking with the feathers, feeling angry and gloomy.

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