why is my cockatiel screaming

Cockatiels(Nymphicus hollandicus) are magnificent and loving birds. They are social animals that thrive on interaction but also tend to be very loud and scream. Cockatiels are commonly kept as pet birds, but when something goes wrong, owners often ask: why is my cockatiel screaming?

Pet birds can exhibit a distress call to get your attention and let you know something’s wrong. They usually screech when left alone, scared, and bored. 

Living with a bird makes it easy to become acclimated to this sound. However, if you’re used to hearing these sounds from the wild, it might be very comforting. 

Fortunately, I’ll help you to understand why your cockatiel is screaming and what you can do about it.

Let’s get started.

Types Of Screaming Cockatiels

I heard different types of cockatiels screaming. I constantly pay attention to figure out why is my cockatiel screaming. Loud noises or sudden movements can easily shock cockatiels, especially baby cockatiels.

I share four types of cockatiel screams with you.

  • The alarm screamer: Alarm screamers will let out a loud screech when they sense danger or feel threatened.
  • The attention seeker: Attention seekers will scream for attention when they feel ignored or want attention.
  • The bored screamer: Bored screamers will let out a loud screech when bored and have nothing else to do.
  • The distressed screamer: Distressed screamers will let out a loud screech when they are in pain or feel distressed.

Why Is My Cockatiel Screaming?

why is my cockatiel screaming

Cockatiels are very good at mimicking a variety of sounds and speech. Some cockatiels can even learn words, phrases, and limited sentences. You may observe various reasons for your cockatiel’s screaming.

Firstly, some cockatiels may be Screaming because they are feeling threatened. Secondly, if your cockatiel is not getting enough exercise, it can lead to frustration and aggressive behavior. Thirdly, if your cockatiel’s cage is too small, he may become agitated and scream to communicate his need for more room. Also, when your cockatiel gets hungry, it will start screaming.

Note: If your bird is screaming all the time, it may need to see a vet.

Also, a lot of new bird owners wonder why is my female cockatiel screaming.

Cockatiel sometimes screams for attention. Try to give her some extra care and attention. If they are new members in your home, make sure they have plenty of toys and perches to keep them occupied. They might feel threatened or anxious. Try to give them a safe & quiet place to perch. If she is in breeding mode, you may need to consider getting her a partner.

There is emotional neediness, destructive behavior, and loudness. You have to find out what she is screaming for.

The Main Reasons Why Cockatiels Scream

The bird’s screech has been a common noise in the avian world for centuries. Generally, it uses to communicate with other birds. The screech is produced by the bird’s vocal cords vibrating and producing sound waves. 

Moreover, the bird’s screech can be heard in many other situations, as well as an alarm system.

Here, I am going to share with you what causes cockatiels to scream.

Being In A New Cage

The most common reason is that they’re in a new cage. Cockatiels are very social creatures and they need companions to feel relaxed, whether it’s you or another bird. 

When they’re first placed in a new cage, they may not know anyone else there and can feel scared and alone and this can be the cause of screaming out of fear or frustration.

Not Having Enough Companionship

Another common reason is not having enough companionship. Cockatiels need interaction with other birds or people in order to stay happy. 

When they are left alone for long plenty of time, they can become bored and frustrated, which can lead to screaming.

If you think your cockatiel is screaming due to loneliness, try spending more time with it. 

Not Having Enough Food

Normally, cockatiels scream when they are hungry. That is because they aren’t getting enough food. If your cockatiel is constantly screaming, it’s important to check its diet. 

Also, make sure they’re getting enough food themselves. Make sure you read our article on a balanced diet for cockatiels. You can also help to reduce their screaming by giving them toys and other activities like perches and swings.

Having A Disease

A cockatiel screams loudly and shrilly. This is normal behavior for your birds. Also, it can be a sign of illness. Screaming more than usual might indicate a problem with your cockatiel.

The most common cause is an infection of the upper respiratory tract and an ear infection. This can cause the bird to have difficulty breathing, and the resulting stress can lead to excessive screaming.

Additionally, the risk factor is psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD). This infection attacks the bird’s feathers and beak. It can cause the bird a lot of discomfort, and the resulting stress can lead to excessive screaming.

Being Lonely

Sitting alone for long periods of time can make them feel lonely, resulting in screams. The cockatiels live in flocks and are constantly interacting with each other in the wild. 

So, when they are kept as pets and are the only bird in the home, it is important to provide them with plenty of stimulation. They can play with toys, talk to you, or play music with them. Otherwise, they may start to scream out of boredom and loneliness.

why is my cockatiel screaming for no reason

Being Scared

Cockatiels are very easily scared by loud noises, sudden movements (mostly in the dark), and unfamiliar humans or any other animals. If you have a cockatiel, it’s important to make sure that its environment is as calm and safe as possible. Otherwise, it may start to scream out of fear.

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Cockatiels also scream when they’re angry or frustrated. If they feel like they’re being ignored or mistreated, they may start to scream as a way of getting attention. 

By understanding why your cockatiel is screaming, you can help to make them happier and healthier.

Being In Pain

Cockatiels are very good at hiding their pain, so if your bird is suddenly screaming, you can guess something is not right. 

If your cockatiel is screaming and you can’t identify the reason behind it, then take him immediately to the vet right away. Get him the treatment from an expert that he requires.

The Best Way To Prevent Cockatiel Screams

Those who love cockatiels always worry about their pet. While your cockatiel screams, you try to figure out the best way to stop it from yelling. Don’t worry. It’s an easy process. If your cockatiel starts screaming excessively, there are a few things you can do to prevent it.

  • To prevent your cockatiel from screaming, it is important to provide it with plenty of opportunities to socialize. 
  • Spend time talking to your bird, and let it out of its cage regularly. 
  • A cockatiel also enjoys spending time with other birds. So, consider getting your pet a companion. 
  • To ensure your cockatiel stays entertained, provide it with toys and perches. 
  • Lack of sleep is very harmful to their health. You should monitor their sleep carefully. They need deep sleep for better health.
  • Keep loud noises away from your cockatiel. If they are used to a quiet environment, they may scream when they are suddenly exposed to loud noises.
  • Give it regular attention to help prevent boredom. Don’t neglect your cockatiel. Make sure you spend time with them every day and give them the attention they need. 
  • If your bird does start to scream, try using positive reinforcement to train it to stop. 
  • Praising is a good habit for their development. Reward your cockatiel with treats or praise when it is quiet, and avoid punishing it for screaming.
  • Pay attention to their body language and vocalizations, as they may be trying to tell you something.

By following these tips, you can help prevent your cockatiel from screaming. With patience and consistency, you can help your cockatiel learn to be quiet and enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Cockatiels have a lifespan of up to 25-30 years. I suggest that they will need around 80 hours of attention per week. They require lots of interaction with their owners and love to be near them all the time.

Why Is My Cockatiel Screaming For No Reason?

If your cockatiel is screaming for no apparent reason, it could be suffering from anxiety or stress. Cockatiels might be screaming to get your attention. Don’t ignore them.

Your cockatiel might be screaming for a physical reason. If it is in pain or discomfort, it may cry out in order to get relief. If your cockatiel is ill, it may also scream as a way of asking for help. You should take your cockatiel to a veterinarian if you suspect that it is sick or in pain.

In some cases, cockatiels may scream because they enjoy the sound of their own voice. If your cockatiel is healthy and has a good quality of life, there is no need to worry about this behavior. 

If the screaming is excessive and causing you distress, you may need to take measures to reduce the sound. You can provide your cockatiel with more toys to keep it occupied or relocate it to a quieter part of the house.

Final Thoughts

Birds use a variety of vocalizations to convey their emotions and intentions. Whether you are hearing short bird calls or long, drawn-out cockatiel screams, it is important to know what your bird is trying to tell you. 

When you are away from your bird, they feel lonely and may begin to scream. In fact, they may begin to scream every time you leave the house. This can be very annoying behavior, but it is completely natural for your pet birds.

In order to keep your Cockatiel quiet behavior while you are away, try to spend as much time with them as possible. Every hour you are away from your cockatiel, spend at least 10 minutes playing with it. This will give your bird time to build a bond with you and will also help your bird feel less lonely.

I hope you enjoyed learning about why is my cockatiel screaming. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when your cockatiel starts to scream?

Cockatiels are social birds who communicate in a number of ways. They make all kinds of noises when they speak too. Also, damaged food, a broken toy, or a dead bug in his water dish might cause him pain or distress. The bird might be trying to get your attention if those problems don’t exist. 

This way, they can play with their favorite toy – and so make some noise. Hence, petting and playing with cockatiels will usually calm them down.

How often do cockatiels normally make noise?

Cockatiels are extremely vocal birds. They are louder than most pets. 

Usually, it starts making noise early in the morning and later in the day, which is very similar to the behavior of wild cockatiels.

To announce their presence, they emit louder, shrill chirps and shrill squawks during the morning and late afternoon.

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